Welcome to Nutshell High Fidelity, the home of Lynn Olson, Gary Dahl, and many articles about loudspeakers, electronics, and the history of High Fidelity over the decades. Two of the most interesting articles are Current Loop keynote speech that I gave at the 2004 European Triode Festival, along with Western Electric - A Rosetta Stone for Triodes. Since I began writing for Positive Feedback, Glass Audio, and Vacuum Tube Valley magazines, I've collected some of the best in the Soul of Sound library - or if you'd like to see the most recent writing, visit the ClariSonus Blog that John Atwood and I write together. Have fun!


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The newest section is the MLSSA Gallery, inspired by getting my MLSSA system up and running again - and I've been having fun writing think-pieces for John Atwood's new ClariSonus blog. I've met Thom Mackris, maker of an ultra-fi turntable, the Galibier (a technical term from bicycle racing, I think). The hifi scene here in Northern Colorado is as far-out as anywhere in the country, or Europe for that matter.

In 2004, I was the guest speaker of the European Triode Festival. I'd like to thank Christian Rintelen, tireless festival organizer, gracious host, and tour guide par excellence. Not only only did he organize a world-class festival with many outstanding events, he showed our little band of Americans the highlights of Zurich and the Swiss countryside, as well as the sonic wonders of the EMT 930 and his Blue Thunder speakers. You can see the 2004 European Tour & ETF Show Report by clicking here. The keynote presentation I gave at the 2004 ETF is (briefly) summarized here.

If you'd like to contact us, you can write to Lynn Olson (author of the Nutshell/Amity/Ariel Webpages, and Vacuum Tube Valley Technical Editor) or Gary Dahl (Conductor, Timpanist, Headphone Guru, and Musician in Residence) at the e-mail addresses shown below:

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If your readers are interested in the current home of the Ariel (and the other fun projects, like the Amity, Aurora, and Raven), please use the current link: http://www.nutshellhifi.com/

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